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our future home

so after months of looking at property, applying for flats, rejecting a flat, considering resales, signing up for propertyguru and browsing through countless old flats from their hideously cluttered interface, we made a decision yesterday. and it’s a totally unexpected decision i must say.

when we first started the househunting, we had several criterias like location (either near my or her house), price (must be something we can afford lor), configuration (must have enough room for child, perhaps my mom and her piano room)… so it pretty much narrowed down the choices and we got rather picky. then after much deliberation, and probably countless amount of advice from various parties, we went to look at a showflat yesterday.

and we booked a unit.

it has got to be the most unnerving experience in my life so far. huge financial investment/commitment, but somehow i felt quite at peace when making the decision and signing on the lines.

we are going to be punggolians in 2013/2014.

that’s how our unit will actually look like, the lowest lit apartment. we bought a 3rd floor, pool facing unit. 😀

despite being in the far reaches of the island, it’s quite accessible because it’s just a 5 min walk to the NEL station. there’s nothing much in the area but flats and some neighbourhood shops and coffee shops. hopefully the gahmen will ACTUALLY work on the punggol 21 plus plan and have the malls and such up within the next few years.

the config we finally agreed upon was a 3 bedroom + study and 1 balcony. 1 room for us, 1 room for the future child, 1 room for my mum and 1 study for her piano tickling. it’s not terribly huge (the 4 rooms ground floor units are humongous), but it’s just right for us. there’s a tennis court, clubhouse with gym and function room, 3 pools with cabanas, etc. we chose the block that’s closest to the side gate that is nearest to the train station, so it’ll be convenient for us. i’m going to make her pick up tennis so that we can use the court. i most probably will end up swimming regularly. hehe.

her parents gave the blessing on the spot, being so nice as to come down with us to look at the showflats, drown the agent and bank fellas with questions, and basically helping us make the right decision.

so yea. that’s one giant leap in the right direction. this christmas is proving to be really exciting. hehe.

like their tagline says – Life. Transformed.


jolene says:

awww! congrats!!

Flashmuji says:

Congratulations! Well done!

Ju Ann says:

congrats!! so sweet!!
how much did it cost?

serene says:

yay yay yay! blog more about decor inspirations!

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Cheng wei says:

Here’s to the next 30 years of our loves baby. I love you

lennel.t says:

love you too baby 🙂

lennel.t says:

haha i think i have an idea of what i want… but depends on what she wants!

lennel.t says:

aiyo can’t publish price here la ju ann!

lennel.t says:

thanks amit / jolene 🙂

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