how small we are

finally popped the question!

so after months and months of planning and preparations, sleepless nights thinking of new ideas and how it should be done, how to document it, how her reaction may be, it all boiled down to just 1 simple thought…

…it doesn’t matter how fancy i wanted to make it. like marriage, it only mattered if she is happy.

so after spoiling my surprises and changing plans, i finally popped the question on saturday. it was probably the most spontaneous thing i’ve done in a very long time (or ever, if i remember correctly). i won’t go into the long story here, but let’s just say it was nothing like what i planned to do.

so nearing midnight, i brought her to the very same spot where we first met and talked face-to-face, right outside the four seasons hotel ballroom.

2 years or so ago, she was there to perform for a japanese bank’s dinner function, and i walked from beach road there, thinking whether i should surprise her and take her to dinner. her performance was delayed and i wanted to time it so that she would just finish and we could go eat. so i wandered around the area for a while and decided to just heck it and go up and say hi. i remember the japanese lady coordinating her performance asked if i was her boyfriend then, and we laughed and said i wasn’t (look how things turned out since). then i waited for her performance to finish and we walked to the TCC nearby to eat.

so there we were, back at the same spot again. this time round, there was a wedding. Roy & Michelle just finished their banquet and people were clearing up. i brought her to the same spot and popped the question 🙂

after the deed was done, the groom actually came up to congratulate me (and asked if i was sure i wanted to do it), and i congratulated him back of course. some of the relatives around (whom i checked in with to see if their event was done because i didn’t want to intrude) actually clapped.

the whole thing still feels a little surreal right now, but we’re both extremely happy it’s happened.

and now… PICTURES

one of the uncles with the wedded couple came over and helped us to take a picture to commemorate the occasion. you can see how unprepared we were for this. spontaneity is unglam. also note the used tissue… hehe

even i got something out of this… she had secretly customised a necklace for herself and a keychain for me. look at what’s on the keychain. i’m going to use it daily and casually remind her of the deal. so sweet hor? hahaha

and here’s the ring that sealed the deal. it took a bit of effort to find the right setting, buying the stones from multiple jewellers, getting it customised to what she liked. i wanted to make it perfect (if that’s possible), and she thinks it is. she’s probably still staring at it right now. (p/s did an excellent job. check them out if you’re planning too… haha)

1 love. 1 couple 1 lifetime (sounds better in chinese la)

the next morning i went over to her place to “formally” inform her mother. her dad was out playing golf so i texted him to inform him. i’m so glad we got their blessings.

so there you go. 🙂


Cheng Wei says:

It was perfect. Everything is perfect. You are perfect for me, most perfect. =D

lennel.t says:

only perfect for you 🙂

Howard says:

Congratulations! Very sweet. 🙂

Niki says:

Such a good story. Nothing like spontaneity. Congratulations to you both! 🙂

Amanda says:


Like the *ahem spontaneous bit.

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lennel.t says:

thanks everyone 🙂

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J says:

Hey guys, i am random person following your (Cheng Wei’s) blog for some months though i do not know you guys. Firstly CW, fab blog. And congrats to you both on your engagement. Reading your blogs, you both seem really so suited for each other.

Cheng Wei says:

Thanks J! Firstly, for your compliment. Secondly, thanks for sharing our joy=D

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