how small we are

guide to living

since i’ll probably not had anyone to pass these down to, might as well put it up for general reference.

i think i live by these, most of the time.

  • love thy parents selflessly
  • love thy spouse
  • love thy siblings
  • family is all that matters
  • fear God
  • nothing good ever happens after midnight
  • love animals more than humans
  • respect the dead / undead
  • awareness about your surroundings is v important
  • honesty is important, but can be painful
  • do your best at work, but never at the expense of family
  • there comes a time when you don’t know what to buy for yourself. that’s when you have enough.
  • sleep is damn important. more than going out
  • hierarchy: best friends > friends > acquaintances > not worth my time
  • undulatus asparitas