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10 hidden surprises in Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ MTV

from buzzfeed

everyone seems to love the new lady gaga MTV. did you know the 10 hidden surprises in the MTV? (and the shameless product placements?)

1. One of the security guards is Ms. Mann from Scary Movie.
2. The prison is called “Prison for Bitches” (ok i didn’t think this was a surprise)
3. In the opening sequence, the 1 woman in the black outfit in the jail cell when the director’s name is flashed, is apparently a pornstar, Alektra Blue.
4. The girl in the leather jacket with Lady Gaga in the detention cell (who looks a lot like her) is actually her sister, Natali Germanotta.
5. Star Wars reference – The poisons: Fex-M3 is from the Star Wars extended universe, Meta-cyanide is from Dune, and Tiberium is from Command and Conquer.
6. The diner in the video is from the TV series NCIS.
7. The Japanese characters that popup as subtitles in the diner scene is actually “One Piece”.
8. “Ein” should be spelt “Eins”, which means 1.
9. In the news sequence at the end, the swedish words flashing at the bottom is actually the lyrics to “Telephone”.
10. House of Gaga should be spelt “Haus of Gaga”.
and how many of you spotted the following brands…
virgin mobile
diet coke
miracle whip
HP / dr dre beats
lady gaga monster beats

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