the pieces are falling into place

yesterday the missus and i went for dinner at liang court because i wanted to head over to picket & rail to pick up their factory direct catalogue. sadly they ran out of the current issue, but the saleslady handed me a backdated copy for reference of what they have.

before i pointed out to the missus that these are the dining chairs we’re going to get (well i sort of demand that we have them), she actually noticed them first and said that they’re nice. for that short moment, we found (again) something that we both naturally like, and i saw her face lit up. the last time we concurred on the aesthetics of an item was when we were choosing our wedding bands.

all we have to do now is to agree on the dining table to go with these chairs… steve jobs never really furnished his own house because he could never find pieces that he was satisfied with.

I’ve got the world on a string.

This world is finite. In the same way a spool of thread unravels, there is an end to everything. If you imagine your life a long piece of string, starting from one end, guiding you towards that inevitable other end. Troubles in life are but knots in the string. Pick at them hard enough and they will come apart, and with a simple tug, the string goes back to what it was. There may be a kink in the string, but it goes on.

(i’m back)

it is


it is finally may.

it is 23 days to the wedding.

it will probably be the most life-changing thing that will happen to me in the past 30(+1) years.

it is quite exciting, and nerve-wrecking at the same time.

it’s going to be the most important event i’ll ever run. ( i will try not to be a control freak).


it is going to be beautiful.