the greatest temptation is letting go

had an epiphany, not sure when, but it was recent. could have been during one of my quiet thinking moments, or right before bedtime, or one of those post-nightmare waking moments in the middle of the night.

– ┬áthe greatest temptation should be “to let go” –

we’re all so programmed to “behave” in a way that befits our status, our position, our upbringing, our society’s standards. this programming keeps us from doing many things that could possibly be frowned upon and be deemed “wrong” or a sin.

so what happens when you let go?

kafka on the shore

watched this on halloween night 31 oct 2015

in case i forget, this was the most beautiful stage product i’ve ever seen. its surreal dioramas, accompanied by the music (i think it sounded like sigur ros) and the acting reminded me almost exactly of how i imagined the story when i read it.

nakata-san was brilliantly endearing. oshima was dashing. kafka was an irritating brat and rightly so. the cats were adorable. saeki was ethereal.

it was the stage that was the star of the show for me. glass boxes, dioramas as the director called it, transformed into the various scenes. the way they slid around the stage, the ninjas perfectly maneuvering while the actors stood, laid, ran around and even had sex in them. it was just like a dream sequence.

when the rain fell in the last scene, i nearly cried because it was so beautiful. then when we drove out of the theatre, it was raining too. perfect.



IMG_6059so this year i finally got my first luxury watch (the handsome chap above), and i can probably say it’s a proud moment to finally reach this point. it’s kind of true that once you buy it, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

i was trying to trace back to where my obsession started. the earliest that i can recall would probably be my late father’s seiko 5 automatic that he bought a very long time ago. i was probably in late primary / early secondary school? i used to pick it up to listen to the way the watch ticks very quickly (since it was an automatic) and the way the second hand swept across the dial rather than the usual tick tick tick quartz movement did.

then along the way i got my first swatch when i was secondary 4. my mum bought me a yellow “irony” chronograph which i still have even though the glass has cracked in the corner and the metal has tarnished.

next most significant watch would probably be the tissot visodate automatic with an ETA movement that my mother in law bought for me as a wedding gift. it was my first entry level automatic watch and i loved it for the vintage look.

and the wife also got me a couple of watches – bering titanium watch with mesh bracelet, a swatch and a CK.

then there are the many in between watches – a seiko automatic SNZH (looks like a blancpain fifty fathoms), couple of casio digital ones in fake metal tones, an everlast, a timex, 2 pebble smartwatches…

and i don’t think i’ll stop here. it’s an obsession really.

they say the watch is a man’s only accessory that matters. and i do check out the wrist of many people that i come across from time to time. like i spotted some top executives in the company with pateks and such. there’s a hint of envy but i know my limits.

the GMT is my daily watch for now. i still do take out the other watches to wind up every month, to keep them running. i’m not sure when i’ll buy another watch again, and i don’t even know which one. i don’t think i’ll part with my first. i “call” it my LT35 watch to mark my mid-life crisis.


it’s been a very long time since i’ve written here. well at least there was 1 post which went unpublished because it was too long and too personal.

it dawned upon me that i was going to become more and more forgetful over time, and i will even forget things about myself. so, probably would be a good idea to put things down here in case i ever need to refresh my memory. in fact, i can’t even remember what point i had on my mind that made me want to write here again.

yea, that’s how lousy my memory is getting. there’s a fog that comes over me sometimes.

turning 35 is probably the mid way point. i hope it’s not all going to be downhill from here. i’m cautiously optimistic. next post would probably be all about things i can remember right now.